EAST region

-This looks like a Duke/Michigan State Elite 8. Duke to the Final 4

LSU is a very vulnerable 3 seed – their head coach is being investigated by the FBI and NCAA for breaking recruiting violations and they gave a very dangerous Yale team in the first round. As good as LSU is, the timing of the investigation could not have come at any worse time and Yale is a very good offensive team that moves the ball extremely well.


Belmont can upset Maryland. Maryland limped into the tournament and just lost to Nebraska (who was playing terrible). Belmont is the number 1 team in the country in assists and 11 seeds have a good history in the tournament (Loyola chicago was one last year).


-Virginia Tech beats St. Louis but then loses to Duke after they beat Mississippi St




-Murray State can beat Marquette as the 12/5 upset

-Florida is a sexy pick but Nevada is the better team

– Gonzaga will beat whoever comes out of the Syracuse/Baylor game. No upsets there.

– Texas Tech #3 can beat Michigan #2 because they have the defense to make Michigan go cold scoring at times.

-Florida State will win their first 2 games then lose to Gonzaga in the Sweet 16.

-Gonzaga Beats Texas Tech to go to the Final 4





-Oregon is the hottest team in the country and they’re a 12 seed because of their early season performance. They’ve won 8 games in a row all by 18 ppg and are holding teams under 55ppg during this stretch. They can beat Wisconsin and make a serious push to the Sweet 16 after facing the winner of Kansas St/UC Irvine

– Virginia could meet Oregon in the Sweet 16. I don’t like Virginia going to the Final 4. If they don’t get Oregon they could face Kansas State, who is really good even without Dean Wade.

– I like Kansas St #4 to meet Tennessee #2 in the Elite 8 game. Kansas St has great defense and Tennessee has a great offense. Tennessee to the Final 4.





-North Carolina and Kentucky are meeting in the Elite 8. That game will be as close as it gets, give me North Carolina to the Final 4 in a coin flip.


-Kansas will not win more than one game in the tournament. Rumors are that Head Coach Bill Self might be taking the Chicago Bulls job and this is his last year at Kansas. The team has performed badly on the road all season long and of Northeastern doesn’t upset them then they’ll lose to whoever wins the Auburn/New Mexico St game.


– Auburn is either going to the Sweet 16 or losing to New Mexico St in the first round. Auburn is coming off such a high winning the SEC Championship for the first time since 1985 that this is a dangerous spot for them – they have to travel 1,800 miles for this game, play in the altitude, and face a New Mexico St team who has a lot of size and defends really well. Be careful taking Auburn too deep into your bracket. If they get past New Mexico St it’ll be tough for them to get passed North Carolina.


-Wofford over  Seton Hall. They’ve won 21 straight

-Utah St over Washington

-Iowa State beats Houston in the Sweet 16



Final 4

Duke beats Gonzaga

North Carolina beats Tennessee


Duke beats North Carolina in the championship.