March Madness 2020 guide

  • Detailed analytics on the entire field.
  • Trends that apply to every March Madness tournament
  • Red flags/what teams that get upset every season have in common
  • Travel distance for each team by round
  • Coach’s experience in the tournament
  • 3 things to like & 3 things to dislike about every team
  • Fastest & slowest tempo teams + which matchups create style mismatches for favorites
  • Lines that stand out in the opening round with analysis

+ Analysis on teams from 4 college basketball handicappers who are having really strong college basketball seasons: Jay Krier @JayKrier, Sports Dogma @SportsDogma, College Cappers @TheCollegeCaps & Moneyline Parlays @MLParlays. Aaron Torres from Fox Sports is also giving out analysis and picks in this guide and he’s been on fire this season, @Aaron_Torres.


This is NOT a “tout” sheet where the only goal is to give out picks. Look at the preview of last year’s guide and you’ll see exactly what this guide offers – it’s about ~40 pages of the most comprehensive stats, trends, and patterns for all 68 teams that you can use to spot mismatches, use to find leans or find stats/trends to support leans you already have, make bracket picks, and get a good feel for every team in the tournament. Rico Bosco and Tim Holder are college basketball/stat junkies and started this sheet as a passion project years ago and last year it made its way to the laptop of 1600 buyers. Download last year’s version to see exactly what to expect:  2019 NCAA Basketball FINAL


*If you have a discount offer from a previous purchase, email and screenshot the discount offer. Guide will be emailed Monday 3/16.