2 unit bet


Rutgers beat Illinois by 3 in the only game they played this season and Rutgers hit 9 of 15 from three that game. They’re 280th in the country in 3 point percentage so that clip shouldn’t repeat. Illinois’ playing their best ball and definitely their best defense the last couple of weeks – smoked Michigan without Ayo and held them to 53, won on the road at Ohio State, blew out Wisconsin (misleading final score). They most likely come into this tournament fired up because they just missed out on the Big Ten title even though they had the most wins in the conference (16-4) and just beat Michigan. Michigan won it because of a better win percentage/played less games (14-3). First game of the tournament take care of a team that beat you who you’re head and shoulders better than. Rutgers just shot 6-23 from three vs Indiana and 3-23 vs Nebraska and lost by 21. 7 of Rutgers’ 10 losses were by 8 points or more and Illinois has a few good blowouts this season, they can beat this team by double digits.