Virginia Tech +6 vs Duke — 1.5 unit


Duke has more talent and size but Virginia Tech’s the hottest team in the ACC right now. North Carolina beat Va Tech twice this year and Va Tech blew them out last night and held them to 3-26 from three. 4 games in 4 days is tough but I can’t lay off this team just because of that. Notre Dame and Carolina were both playing really well and Duke just played with fire vs Syracuse, went to the wire with Miami, and got beat bad in the 2nd half vs Carolina last weekend in Coach K’s last home game. I don’t expect the shooting to be pretty but I think Va Tech plays extremely tough on defense, moves the ball well and does whatever they can to compete. This is a different team than the one who struggled early in the season and Va Tech has more to gain with a win (getting off the bubble) than Duke does.