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Miami and Manny Diaz are getting a lot of heat for losing to FIU as big favorites last week and that sets them up for another bounce back after a bad loss. They had a bad loss to G Tech earlier this year and responded with a 16-12 win at PIT. The gap between Pitt and Duke is significant. Off their loss vs VT the Hurricanes responded with a 17-9 win vs Virginia. For a program trying to establish a new culture under Diaz, they should still be motivated to finish the season strong. Duke’s offense has scored less than 18 points in 4 of their last 5 games and the only game they topped 18 was vs a bad Wake Forest defense. This team scored 6 points at home vs Cuse two weeks ago. 6. They gave up 49. They scored 7 vs ND at home three weeks ago, 17 at NC prior to that and 14 at Virginia before UNC. Off an embarrassment last week let’s look for Miami to clamp down on defense vs a bad team. 



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