All rankings are based on PPR format.


1. D. Johnson RB, ARI : 1,239 yards and 16 TDs last season. Added 80 receptions and 4 TDs. 20 total TDs in 2016.

2. L. Bell RB, PIT: finally reported to Steelers camp on 9/1. In just 12 games last season he had 1,268 yards and 7 TDs along with 75 receptions and 616 receiving yards. He was on pace for 1,686 yards and 12 total TDs along with 100 receptions if he played a full 16 games

3. A. Brown WR, PIT: 4 seasons of 1,284 yards or more. 3 seasons of 1,499 or more. Averaging 11.7 TDs per season the last 3 seasons and has missed just 1 game in the last 4 seasons.

4. OBJ WR, NYG : Doesn’t look like he’ll miss the Cowboys game. Averaging 1,374 yards/season in 3 seasons along with 11.67 TDs/seasons. 101 receptions last year and Marshall will help his situation

5. J. Jones WR, ATL : 83 receptions/1409 yards/6 TDs last season. The new Falcons OC vows to get Julio Jones more targets in the redzone.

6. M. Evans WR, TB: Led the NFL in targets last season. 96 receptions/1,321 yards/ 12 TDs in 2016. Desean Jackson’s presence will force teams to double cover Evans less and make opportunities easier for him.

7. J. Nelson WR, GB: 14 TDs and 97 receptions last year along w 1257 yards.

8. A. Green WR, CIN: Healthy now. Has topped 1,297 yards/10 TDs in 3 different seasons.

9. L. McCoy RB, BUF: 13 TDs, 1267 yards, and 50 receptions in 2016. He will see a lot of 8 man boxes now with Watkins and Boldin both gone. The upside is he will get a lot of touches in both the run and pass game as he’s had 4 seasons of 50+ receptions in his career.

10. D. Freeman RB, ATL: 127 receptions the last 2 seasons. Concussion symptoms lingering that could hold him back a game here and there during the season. 1,079 yards last season and 1,056 in 2015. 11 TDs each of the last 2 seasons.



11. D. Murray RB, TEN: 293 rush attempts in 2016, 3rd in the NFL. 1287 yards/9TDs/53 receptions. Even if Derrick Henry gets some goal line carries, Murray is the clear featured back on just the 2nd year of a $25 million deal and will have plenty of touches and chances to score in this offense.

12. M. Gordon RB, LAC: One starting Chargers O-lineman already out for the year. Another suspended 4 games. This hurts Gordon’s ceiling a bit but will still get a lot of touches and can have a 1,000 yard/10 TD season. He had 41 receptions and 419 yards last season and that number could potentially go up this season with Danny Woodhead gone.

13. J. Ajayi RB, MIA: so much depends on C Pouncey’s health. When Pouncey was healthy in 2016 Ajayi averaged 5.96 yards/carry. When Pouncey was hurt (11 games) he averaged just 4.12 ypc. Pouncey is healthy now but still a risk. Dolphins O as a whole should still be solid under Cutler as he had his best season 2 years ago under Gase and has enough weapons in Landry, Parker, and Julius Thomas. Pouncey hasn’t played a full season since 2012.

14. B. Cooks WR, NE: With Edelman gone Cooks’ role could easily increase. The ceiling is very high for Cooks playing with the GOAT and anyone who drafts Cooks should be very happy

15. E. Elliot RB, DAL: the latest on Zeke’s suspension hearing: “The concerns about the NFL’s investigative process in this matter could form the basis for a court challenge aimed at getting Elliott on the field for the Cowboys’ Week 1 game against the Giants.” Odds are still unlikely he plays Week 1 but there is a possibility his suspension gets reduced to 4 games with an extremely small chance the suspension gets erased altogether. He is worth a 2nd round pick and Darren McFadden (ADP in the 8th-9th round) should be circled if you draft Zeke here. RB depth has to be strong if you take Zeke.

16. M. Thomas WR, NO: good situation in NOLA and he will be featured often. He will face better CBs this year with Cooks no longer there but will still be targeted enough to be able to top 85 receptions/1,100 yards/9 TDs

17. T. Gurley RB, LAR: Goff looks much better than last year and his connection with Watkins is good so that should help free up room in the running game. New Head Coach Sean McVay should improve this offense and feature Gurley a lot, even in the passing game. 1100 yards, 10 TDs, and 50 receptions is not out of the question this season (he had 885/6/43 rec. last year with an offense that was worse than this.)

18. J. Howard RB, CHI: Howard will be relied on heavily in the Bears offense regardless of who starts at QB. He had 1,313 yards last season on a ridiculous 5.2 ypc and John Fox has a history of having 1 RB dominate the workload. The Bears will see a lot of stacked boxes this season, especially with Cameron Meredith out for the season, so Howard will have a hard time reaching those numbers again.

19. D. Bryant WR, DAL: He looks great with Dak in preseason and will be relied on heavily with Zeke’s suspension looming. The downside is he has missed 10 games the last 2 seasons because of foot, ankle, back and knee issues. If you draft him make sure you have strong WR depth.

20. A. Cooper WR, OAK: Has had just 11 TDs to Crabtree’s 17 the past 2 seasons but his 83 receptions/1,153 yards statline can certainly go up in year 3 on one of the top three offenses in the AFC.



21. T. Hilton WR, IND: Luck not likely to play in the opener. C Ryan Kelly is out 4-7 weeks. He had 91 receptions along with 1,448 yards and 6 TDs last season. He may start the season slow if Scott Tolzien is forced to start at QB but the Colts have a bad defense and will have to throw often this season, so Hilton’s value is very strong when Luck gets back.

22. D. Thomas WR, DEN: consistent week to week. Had 90 receptions/1,083 yards last year in a bad offense and also had 105 receptions/1,304 yards in 2015 with a washed-up Peyton Manning. With improvements to the offensive line in Denver, Thomas can build on those numbers.

23. R. Gronkowski TE, NE: has missed 22 games the past 5 seasons. Had his 3rd back surgery this past offseason. Dominant when on the field but you have to add a competent backup TE if you draft Gronk.

24. D. Hopkins WR, HOU: QB play in HOU with either Savage or Watson later in the year can be better than expected. Had 111 receptions and 1521 yards in 2015 with Brian Hoyer at QB so the ceiling is still high.

25. L. Miller RB, HOU: should have a better season than last year with an upgrade at QB (2016: 1,073 yards/5TDs/31 receptions)

26. T. Pryor WR, WAS: will be relied on heavily in the Skins offense. 77 receptions/1,007 yards/ 4 TDs last season with the Browns and those numbers can certainly improve with Cousins.

27. M. Lynch RB, OAK: won’t have a ton of touches but a ceiling of 15 TDs is realistic behind this O-line. Latavius Murray had 12 TDs last season on just 195 carries with these same Raiders.

28. C. McCaffrey RB, CAR: high upside, especially for PPR. Panthers beat writers reporting he will be used in a number of different ways – he can run between the tackles well despite small size and will also be used in the slot. His TD ceiling isn’t high but his receptions and yards from scrimmage ceiling certainly is.

29. M. Crabtree WR, OAK: 17 TDs the last 2 seasons and is Carr’s #1 redzone target. 85+ receptions in both years with the Raiders and 1,003 yards in 2016.

30. D. Baldwin WR, SEA: has great numbers when he plays well but his numbers drop significantly for his “down” games – he had less than 55 yards in 7 games last year and in 9 games in 2015. His ADP is 18th currently and that’s very expensive for this type of inconsistency but Wilson is healthier than last year and Seattle’s offense is on the rise.



31. I. Crowell RB, CLE– Hue Jackson wants to give him more carries than last year. Duke Johnson will be used more in the passing game so Crowell should have enough touches to have good fantasy value. Kizer at QB is an upgrade over Brock and can help free up the running game. The Browns O-line (ranked #4 in the AFC by Pro Football Focus) is good enough to help Crowell generate respectable numbers this year.

32. C. Hyde RB, SF- will be the featured #1 RB in a Kyle Shanahan offense that lacks weapons outside of him and Pierre Garcon. Shanahan loves using his RBs in the passing game so expect 50 receptions along with 1,000+ yards and 7 TDs.

33. K. Hunt RB, KC – the Chiefs traded up to get Hunt in the 3rd round of the draft this year to handle about 40% of the workload behind Spencer Ware. With Ware gone Hunt is the clear #1 RB and will be featured in the passing game as well in an offense with no weapons outside of Kelce and Hill.

34. T. Montgomery RB, GB– He had just 77 carries last season. Reports expect him to have roughly 150 carries this season with Jamaal Williams taking some carries as a change-of-pace back. Rodgers will target him often in the short passing game. Projection: 800 yards/ 6 TDs/ 60 receptions & 2 TDs

35. L. Fournette RB, JAC- mild foot injury and disaster QB situation holding back an otherwise great player.

36. K. Allen WR, LAC- huge upside if he is healthy but very injury prone. He has missed 23 games the last 2 seasons and tore his ACL in Week 1 last season. In 8 games in 2015 he finished with 67 receptions and 725 yards, pacing for a whopping 134 receptions and 1450 yards.

37. A. Jeffery WR, PHI- similar to Keenan Allen without nearly as much upside in the Eagles’ offense. He has missed 12 games the last 2 seasons but topped 1133 yards prior to that in two different seasons with Jay Cutler, including a career high 1,421 yard season.

38. G. Tate WR, DET- more PPR value than standard value. 181 receptions the last 2 seasons and 1,077 yards in 2016. 4 TDs. He will have a lot of targets with Boldin gone.

39. T. Brady QB, NE- the GOAT

40. A. Rodgers QB, GB- 40 TDs in 2016, #1 in the NFL. Martellus Bennett makes them even better.



41. J. Landry WR, MIA- more valuable in PPR than standard because he is not a big redzone target. 204 receptions the past 2 seasons and 1147 yards per season the last 2 seasons. Cutler should be fine in this offense.

42. D. Woodhead RB, BAL- Joe Flacco likes to target RBs in the passing game and Woodhead is a good fit for the Ravens. He is coming off an injury and has missed 27 games the last 3 seasons due to injury. His only value is for PPR where he’s had 76+ receptions in 2 of the last 4 seasons. Not enough upside for his ADP.

43. L. Fitzgerald WR, ARI- 216 receptions and 2,238 yards the last 2 seasons. He is getting older but the Cardinals will still rely on Fitzgerald a lot, especially without Michael Floyd there.

44. J. Mixon RB, CIN– dual threat RB and will be used in the short passing game. Crowded backfield in Cincinnati but the Bengals want to get the ball in his hands because he is far and away the best RB of the group. He will likely get the lion’s share of carries by Week 5-6 with Jeremy Hill taking care of goal-line duties and Gio taking a few carries and being used in the slot.

45. K. Benjamin WR, CAR- looks amazing in the preseason. Suffered last year from a poor offensive line who couldn’t protect Cam long enough for Cam to throw down the field consistently. Panthers’ O-line looks sharp in preseason and a weapon like McCaffrey in the short passing game can complement Benjamin very well for opportunities down the field. He had 1,008 yards/9 TDs/73 receptions in his rookie season in 2014 so his ceiling is north of 80 receptions/1,200 yards/10 TDs

46. E. Sanders WR, DEN- consistent the past 2 years despite poor QB play (averaged 1,084 yards/ 77.5 rec./ 5.5 TDs the last 2 seasons). Broncos offense and offensive line should be better this year.

47. J. Reed TE, WAS- has missed 6 games the last 2 years and hasn’t played a full season in his 4 year career. When healthy he is fantastic.

48. T. Kelce TE, KC- 85 receptions /1,125 yards/4 TDs last season. The Chiefs are going to rely heavily on Kelce and Hill with Maclin off the roster and in Baltimore now.

49. D. Cook RB, MIN- He can be a 3 down back and will be featured a lot in the short passing game. This will be a RBBC though because the Vikings signed Latavius Murray to a 3 year/$15 million deal this offseason and will still be used

50. D. Adams WR, GB- Martellus Bennett signing with the Packers doesn’t help Adams’ numbers. Adams had 12 TDs/ 75 receptions/ 997 yards last season and, while his yardage numbers shouldn’t suffer, his TD numbers likely will dip to 7-9 TDs.



51. G. Olsen TE, CAR- 3 straight seasons of 1,008 yards and 77 receptions. The addition of McCaffrey should help free up room for Olsen over the middle of the field.

52. J. Crowder WR, WAS – will be relied on often in the Redskins offense with Jackson and Garcon gone. 67 receptions, 847 yards , and 7 TDs last season as the #3 WR.

53. T. Hill WR, KC– the fastest offensive weapon the Chiefs have. 61 receptions, 593 yards, and 6 TD in his rookie season last season on just 40.7% of snaps. With Maclin gone and Spencer Ware hurt those numbers are going to go up and 85 receptions is not out of the question.

54. D. Brees QB, NO- 32 TDs and 4,870+ yards in six straight seasons. Cooks gone won’t slow down anything and they also have a strong running game with Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson.

55. S. Watkins WR, LAR- he will see a lot of double teams on the Rams’ offense. This offense runs through Gurley so Watkins will likely finish around 950 yards/ 75 receptions/ 9 TDs.

56. M. Ingram RB, NO- Has value in PPR despite the Saints signing AP. He had 1,043 yards along with 5.1 ypc and 6 TDs last season. He also had 46 receptions and will be featured a lot in the passing game

57. C. Andersen RB, DEN- Broncos #1 back but has a career high of just 179 carries in 4 season though. Jamaal Charles will get some work in this offense. Broncos upgraded their O-line so 850 yards along with 35 receptions is a safe projection this season.

58. M. Bryant WR, PIT- when he is good, he’s great: played in 10 full games in 2015 and had more than 114 yards & 1 TD in three of them. The bad? He had five games of 49 yards or less. He is also a discipline risk.

59. B. Marshall WR, NYG- can be very reliable. Remember when he was being drafted 15th overall last year after a 109 reception/1,502 yard/ 14 TD season with Fitzpatrick? Marshall should do very well opposite of OBJ because of all the double coverages he will see. Marshall can exceed 70 receptions/8 TDs this season.

60. W. Snead WR, NO- *Suspended 3 games as of 9/1 for DUI. Reliable option in PPR. 72 receptions /895 yards /4 TD last season. As the #2 WR in New Orleans he will have a lot of targets.



61. M. Gillislee RB, NE- the Patriots gave Blount 24 carries inside the 5 yard line last year and he had 18 TDs. Those handoffs have to go somewhere and Gillislee will get the bulk of those after an 8 TD season with the Bills. He will have games where he isn’t involved in the gameplan as much as other weeks but his TD ceiling is high.

62. M. Ryan QB, ATL – off a career year of 4,944 yards , 38 TDs & 7 INTs. His numbers should unfortunately dip a bit without Shanahan as the OC and because those numbers are hard to sustain.

63. R. Wilson QB, SEA- last season was a flukey year with a bad O-line and Wilson suffering an injury to both ankles. The offensive line in Seattle is much better this season and Wilson is healthy. He’s due for a big year. His career highs are 34 TDs, 849 rushing yards, and 4,219 passing yards.

64. B. Powell RB, NYJ- A whopping 5.5 ypc last year on 131 attempts for 722 yards and 3 TDs. 58 receptions despite being on an awful team. He will be targeted a lot this season as the Jets have very few options. Expect his yardage and reception totals to be respectable but his TD numbers to be on the lower end in this limited offense. 60 receptions is not out of the question

65. S. Diggs WR, MIN- limited offense in Minnesota. He had 84 receptions/ 903 yards/ and 3 TDs last season. The Vikings’ identity is defense-first, so drafting Diggs comes with a low ceiling.

66. E. Decker WR, TEN- in the 4 seasons before his injury last season the lowest output he had was 74 receptions and 962 yards. He had 12 TDs as recently as 2015 with the Jets.

67. D. Jackson WR, TB- has missed 11 games the last 3 seasons but he also topped 1,005 yards in the last 3 seasons when he played 13 games or more. He is healthy and will be featured a lot in TB.

68. D. Martin RB, TB: suspended 3 games and coming off an injury-riddled 16 season. Reports say he is in the best shape of his life and Bucs #2 and #3 RBs Jacquizz Rodgers and Charles Sims both average below 4 yards/carry for their careers and don’t pose much of a threat to steal carries from him. In 2015 Martin had 1402 yards, 6 TD and 33 receptions. Can be very valuable in this offense.

69. T. Riddick RB, DET- Strictly a PPR value with Abdullah healthy now . He had 80 receptions 2 seasons ago and had 53 receptions in 10 games last year, so 70 receptions is reasonable once again.

70. A. Peterson RB, NO – will split carries with Ingram and have a fair amount of chances to score TDs. He is limited as a receiving RB so his ceiling isn’t very high in this offense. It’s probably too expensive to draft the handcuff of AP and Ingram with where their ADP is right now



71. J. Graham TE, SEA- 65 receptions/923 yards/ and 6 TDs last season off an injury year. The Seahawks offense looks very strong in the preseason and those numbers should go up.

72. A. Abdullah RB, DET- Lions offensive line has flaws but he will be the featured back and will have a role in the passing game. 850 rushing yards, 7 TDs, and 35-40 receptions is a reasonable projection.

73. D. Walker TE, TEN- 60+ receptions in 4 straight years. 800+ yards in 3 straight years. 7 TDs last season.

74. P. Garcon WR, SF- 79 receptions and 1,041 yards last season as Washington’s #2 WR. The 49ers offense is limited but new head coach Kyle Shanahan is an aggressive playcaller and will feature Garcon a lot. Hoyer at QB can move the chains better than people think. Projection: 73 receptions/ 980 yards/ 5TDs

75. J. Maclin WR, BAL: Coming off an injury but should be in line for 900 yards on 70 receptions and 5 TDs

76. D. Parker WR, MIA -has a lot of talent and great chemistry with Jay Cutler. He had only 56 receptions last season though after being praised all offseason so he is still unproven.

77. C. Coleman WR, CLE– a steal late in the draft with Deshone Kizer now at QB. Kizer will make mistakes as a rookie but has an unbelievable arm and already has chemistry with Coleman, connecting on passes for 33, 13, and 11 yards with him in their dress rehearsal preseason game. Coleman is the #1 WR for Cleveland , they have the 4th ranked O-line in the AFC by Pro Football Focus,  and Coleman will be way more valuable than where he is being drafted (106th)

78. R. Kelley RB, WAS- 704 yards and 6 TDs last season. Had just 12 receptions last season and isn’t a lock to maintain the #1 RB job all season with Chris Thompson on his tail.

79. K. Rudolph TE, MIN- 83 receptions/840 yards/ 7 TDs last season. He is the dominant redzone target in Minnesota. 83 receptions will be hard to attain with Dalvin Cook about to get a lot of targets in the passing game but his 7 TDs is reachable once again.

80. P. Perkins RB, NYG- 112 carries and 456 yards in his rookie season. The Giants’ O-line is shaky right now and he had just 15 receptions so you can’t rely on him in the passing game either. Risky pick.



81. D. Johnson RB, CLE – 114 receptions the last 2 seasons for 524 yards/season. Don’t expect more than 6-8 carries a game but expect 5-6 receptions per game .

82. T. West RB, BAL – quiet preseason in Baltimore and in 4 years his career high is 774 yards. Nothing to get too excited about here.

83. M. Wallace WR, BAL– 72 receptions/1,017 yards/4 TDs last year. The Ravens offense should be better than last season. Projection: 77 receptions/ 1,040 yards/ 6 TDs.

84. J. Brown WR, ARI – looks amazing in the preseason. Has an ADP of 120 now because he disappointed fantasy owners last year when he missed games because of sickle cell. He is healthy now and will be targeted often down the field by Carson Palmer , especially without Michael Floyd. Had 2 TDs in the dress rehearsal game and had 1,003 yards just 2 seasons ago in his sophomore season.

85. T. Coleman RB, ATL: A ridiculous 13.6 yards/catch for a RB on 31 receptions. Just 520 rushing yards last season but 8 rushing TDs. Numbers could dip a little without Kyle Shanahan as the OC

86. F. Gore RB, IND- bad O-line in Indy, aging, and RB Marlon Mack is battling him for the #1 spot. Stay away.

87. D. Moncrief WR, IND- 13 TDs last 2 years. 64 receptions and 733 yards last season.

88. K Britt WR, CLE- had 68 receptions + 1,002 yards last season in an awful Rams offense. He’s never had a legit QB and in 8 seasons his second highest output before last year was 775 yards. Kizer at QB for the Browns could help Britt put up solid numbers.

89. A. Thielen WR, MIN– 69 receptions/ 967 yards/ 5 TDs last seasons. This offense will run through Diggs and Dalvin Cook so Thielen’s ceiling is low.

90. T. Rawles RB, SEA: splitting carries w Lacy hurts otherwise a high upside player



91. E. Lacy RB, SEA: splitting carries w Thomas Rawles. An RB3 at best.

92. T. Williams WR, LAC: had 69 receptions/1,059 yards /7 TDs last season in just his 2nd season but that was also while Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead were out with injuries. There is a lot of competition for targets in San Diego this season so 65 receptions and 900 yards will be difficult to attain this season.

93. J. White RB, NE: only value is in PPR – he had 60 receptions last season and that number could go up with Julian Edelman out and the Patriots needing a target in the short-passing game.

94. C. Hogan WR, NE: can’t replace Welker because he is more of a flyer, but drafting Hogan here is certainly worth his draft position with the ceiling he will have with Tom Brady.

95. K. Cousins QB, WAS: 4917 yards, 25TDs, 12 INTs last season. Career high of 29 TDs for all the love he gets. His high point totals come from his yardage numbers being higher than the majority of QBs.

96. D. McFadden RB, DAL: the #2 RB in Dallas.

97. C. Newton QB, CAR: coming off shoulder surgery. Panthers’ O-line is better this season and will protect Cam better than last season. He hasn’t thrown much in the preseason and he may start the season conservatively but has a very good offense this season for when he starts playing at full strength.

98. Z. Ertz TE, PHI: 75+ receptions and 816+ yards the last 2 seasons. Just 4 Tds and 2 TDs the last 2 seasons though.

99. A. Luck QB, IND: unlikely to play Week 1 and is coming off shoulder surgery. Unclear how much this will hold him up but when he gets healthy his defense is terrible and he will have to throw often.

100. P. Dorsett WR, NE: the Pats just sent away a valuable backup QB for the speedy Dorsett. Keep an eye on him as the Pats try to fill Edelman’s void.



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