The opening weekend of the tournament sucked for me, flat out. It was a 3-6 weekend that was a mix of a few average picks and some really tough beats on the wrong end of 3 buzzer beaters on some of my bigger plays. After an 8-2 conference tournament run that sucked. I was pretty ticked off so I raised my standards for this weekend to make up for it. My goal was to have every Sweet 16 game for Thursday analyzed perfectly to have a chance to go 4-0 and I think that’s what I have as I’ve got a play involving every game.

When you’re a handicapper I think one of the biggest things is that you have to drop your ego and be able to admit mistakes when you’ve made them. I had some bad beats but I also missed some of the easier covers on the board – I missed out on Iowa State and Gonzaga in both games and I missed out on Cuse -6.5 over Middle Tennessee.

I think you need to dial in when you need to go on a streak. I can’t control which way the ball bounces but I can control how I attack each game and I’ve got a ton of information on all 4 of these games. I dug deep for these and it’s 3-1 or bust for me tonight. 3-1’s great but 4-0’s better.


I have 4 plays for Thursday:

  1. Maryland vs Kansas, 6 unit
  2. Duke vs Oregon, 6 unit
  3. A & M vs Oklahoma, 3 unit
  4. Two team teaser: MD vs KS/ MIA vs VIL, 3 unit

$10 per pick or $20 for all four – If you’re buying an individual pick for $10 email

$39.99 for all my March Madness picks through the rest of the tournament.



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