I started writing a newsletter for friends and family last year, and it seemed like a lot of people liked it. I’ve referenced it a bunch this year, and many people have questions so here you go…

There will be a bunch of improvements to this year’s version. I’ll touch on them very quickly.

– I have created a google sheet that is a cheat sheet of lines, distance for the road team , and a quick way to plug in the zip code for the weather in any game you are looking at.


– Additionally, there’s returning production from last year as well as returning % of Tackles, yards and Offensive Line Starts. All vital stuff in my opinion in the first month of the season.


-Starting in Week 3, I will be doing the 5 biggest mismatches regarding Rush Offense vs Rush Defense, Passing Offense vs Passing Defense , and lastly total offense vs total defense.

– I also plan to have a section called Road Warriors where I point out teams on their second game of a back to back.


I’ve said it a ton of times. I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be, in fact some of you reading this newsletter may even be sharper than me. What I pride myself on , as you’ve seen in the past and with the NCAA Tourney sheet is preparation. Each week I will do the best I can to gather info, tidbits and stats that I think are vital in regards to predicting the outcome of games.

The newsletter will be sent out Thursday or Friday each week.  All plays are also available on twitter @return_of_rb


So with that said, if you are interested in obtaining all that prep, it is available for purchase.

Yours in picks,

Rico Bosco
*Upon purchase you will be added to the subscriber email list going out Thurs/Fri
*You will be emailed an email address you can use for any support issues