Chargers 10 @ Lions 13 (+1.5) – Chargers outgain Lions but come up short on the scoreboard.

•    Chargers averaged 6.8 YPP vs Lions 5.8 YPP,
•    Chargers outgained the Lions with 424 yards to 339 yards of offense.
•    Stafford 8.2 YPA and 73.3% completion percentage vs Rivers 7.8 YPA and 58.3% completion percentage

•    Stafford 2 INTs vs Rivers 1 INT
•    Chargers 5.5 YPC vs Lions 3.4 YPC
•    Chargers 1/3 in red zone. Lions 0/0
•    Keenan Allen 8 catches on 15 targets
•    Mike Williams 5 targets, Ekeler 6, nobody else more than 2.
•    Kenny Golladay 8 catches on 10 targets for 117 and 1 TD



Drive highlights
•    Lions missed 40 yard FG and missed an XP
•    Lions intercepted on LAC 36
•    Chargers intercepted on DET 28
•    Charges fumbled at DET 1
•    Chargers missed 39 and 41 yard FG
•    Chargers 2nd half: only 4 drives (1 in the 4th quarter) and went for 42+ yards each drive
•    Chargers 2nd half: Fumble, Missed FG, Missed FG, INT


Chargers outplayed the Lions overall, evidenced by outgaining them on the ground and making it to the red zone 3 times but only cashing in on a touchdown once. The Lions, on the other hand, never made it inside the LAC 20 once. Chargers gashed the Lions with the run game, while the Lions struggled to get the run game going. Stafford was effective in the passing game, most likely due to picking on an injured Chargers secondary, who couldn’t contain Kenny Golladay at all. Rivers had a less than stellar game as he didn’t spread the ball around, targeting Allen, Williams, and Ekeler on 26 of his 36 attempts. Chargers left a ton of points on the board, scoring 0 in the 2nd half despite making it to the DET 28 each of their 4 drives. They also did score touchdowns twice but were both called back on penalties.