Titans 35 (+6), Chiefs 32

1st Quarter:

The Chiefs opened up this game moving right down the field to take a 7-0 lead. Mahomes utilized a heavy dose passing to Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, while Damien Williams broke off a couple nice runs. The Titans go 3 and out, highlighted by a Chris Jones 3rd down sack and fumble, recovered by the Chiefs at the TEN 20. KC had no problems passing the ball on the next drive but was hindered by back to back OPI and Offensive holding penalties, having to settle for a 30 yard FG to go up 10-0. Titans get the ball and move the ball to the KC 40 thanks to a Tajae Sharp 20 yard reception, but the drive ends with another KC 3rd down sack.

2nd Quarter:

Chiefs start their drive from their own 8 and move to midfield before having to punt back to Tennessee. Titans take over and complete a 52 yard pass to Kalif Raymond to set them up right outside the red zone. Two 9 yard passes later and Firkser catches a 9 yard TD to make the game 10-7. KC moves the ball again into Titans territory (TEN 44) before Damien Williams fumbles and Titans return it for a TD. Missed XP and it’s 13-10 Titans. Mahomes takes over with 6:13 left in the half and moves the ball to the TEN 23 before a Butker FG makes it 13-13. Mahomes was sacked by Landry on this drive to get them in 2nd and long. Titans move the ball a bit before the half ends 13-13.

3rd Quarter

Titans get the ball and go 3 and out, before Mahomes drives down the field heavily using Tyreek Hill, completing an 11 yard TD to Hill. Missed XP and it’s 19-13 KC. Next drive Henry goes 68 yards for a TD, 20-19 Titans. Mahomes responds with a few 10 yard passes to drive KC to the TEN 25, settling for a FG to go up 22-20.

4th Quarter

Titans drive ended fairly quickly with another sack by Chris Jones, and KC immediately responds with a Mahomes jump-throw to Hardman who runs 63 yards for a TD. 29-20 Chiefs with 12 minutes to go. Titans respond with using almost exclusively Derrick Henry, who goes in for a 1 yard score. 29-27 KC. Chiefs take over and once again get to the TEN 20, highlighted by a Tyreek Hill 39 yard reception. They kick a FG and go up 32-27. Titans get the ball and get sacked on 3rd down, forcing a long 4th and 17 where the Chiefs take over on downs at the TEN 32 with 1:55 remaining. Titans have 3 timeouts and KC elects to go run-run-pass (Mahomes sack) to set up a FG, but the snap was mishandled and an intentional grounding call by the holder sets TEN up at their own 39. 3 deep passes later and a 2 point conversion later, Titans lead 35-32. Chiefs use 17 seconds to get into FG range, but the kick is blocked and the Titans win 35-32.


• Chiefs 530 yards vs Titans 371 yards
• Chiefs 6.8 YPP vs Titans 7.6 YPP
• Chiefs sacked Titans 4 times throughout the game
• Damien Williams 19 carries for 77 yards (4.1 YPC)
• Derrick Henry 23 carries for 188 yards (8.2 YPC)
• Mahomes 36/50 446 yards, 3 TDs
• Tannehill 13/19 181 yards, 2 TDs
• Tyreek Hill 11 catches on 19 targets, 157 yards, 1 TD
• Kelce 7 catches on 7 targets, 75 yards, 1 TD
• Titans had 6 points of offense in the first half
• Note: Andy Reid used one of his 3 timeouts before a Titans 2 point conversion with 17 seconds left in the game

Matt’s Takeaway: Mahomes didn’t miss a beat on offense and was able to move the Chiefs down the field almost every possession. The Chiefs had a 99% probability to win after the Titans turned the ball over, but Reid got a little conservative and then a couple flukey plays occurred. The KC defense actually played really well in the first half, only giving up 6 offensive points and containing Henry. So I don’t know that I completely buy into the Chiefs defense being as bad as the narrative will be, despite the ending not looking great. There’s potential that the Chiefs D may relax a bit knowing Mahomes can put up so many points, but this game doesn’t make me concerned about the Chiefs in the slightest and I think they’ll be completely fine moving forward.