I am now 2-0 fading Clemson this year including last week’s outright win by NC State. Clemson is 0-4 ATS this year and they continue to be overvalued because of their brand name despite the results on the field. In the ACC with two losses, Clemson’s season is already over. They are a National Championship or bust program and at this point, they are already eliminated from the playoffs. I think we could see this team start to quit, play some younger guys, and pack it in the rest of the season. Clemson is also getting banged up- they already had one RB transfer out and now their other starting RB Will Shipley is out for multiple weeks so they are down to the 3rd string RB. DT Byran Breese is also out for the season.

The Clemson defense was considered unbeatable and that’s how they would win games but last week Devin Leary completed 72% of his passes for 238 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 INTs, and NC State’s two backs also combined for 170 yards on the ground. This Clemson defense is still very good but not impenetrable and I think as the season goes on and they lose games with no help from the offense, they will just start to tire out and play worse.

D.J. Uiagalelei is not that guy pal for the Clemson offense and their offensive line is playing awful. They should struggle to move the ball against this very well-coached BC defense that is top-10 in the nation in passing defense, red zone defense, and third-down conversion defense. Clemson’s pass defense (25th) is much better than their rush defense (66th) and that plays right into BC’s hands. Since Jurkovich went out they’ve focused on the run game and Garwo III ran for 175 yards against Missouri’s defense last week. Grosel is no Jurkovich but he played solid against Missouri and did what he needed to do to get them a win.