3 unit play Friday. I think this team covers by 6+ points.


3-0 on paid plays in the bubble, +9 units. Covered by 23 ppg.

8/1  Pacers/76ers O211.5 – combined for 248

8/2  Magic/Kings O225.5 – combined for 248

8/6  Clippers -4 vs Mavs – won by 15. 


57-33-1 (63.3%) on 3+ unit plays all-time.


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have been added to your cart!


  • Paid plays are 3 units or more. When you buy the $50 package you will be added to an email list that gets sent every 3+ unit play during the NBA playoffs right as they’re bet. These bets are very selective but are my biggest bets. Expect somewhere between 8-12 of these bets during the playoffs.


  • I’m going to setup a text service soon that will send these plays and analysis right to your phone, but for now turn on notifications on Twitter to get an alert to your phone when a paid play is sent to your email.


  • If you don’t receive the play, check your spam and then email spreadinvestor@gmail.com DO NOT message me on Twitter it won’t be responded. 


Payment accepted: all major credit and debit and Paypal. I accept CashApp but email spreadinvestor@gmail.com first.


If you have a credit, email spreadinvestor@gmail.com with proof of credit.


Analysis of 3 paid plays in the bubble: