2.5 unit bet

Lowry and Van Vleet took 45 of the 88 shots for Toronto in Game 3 and Siakam is shooting 36% from the field in the series (17/47). Jaylen Brown has Siakam locked down and Smart helps out on Siakam a lot of the time when Brown isn’t on him so I don’t see Siakam shooting that much better the rest of the series. Tatum shot only 5-18 in Game 3 and Toronto needed a miracle to win. There’s a lot on Lowry and Van Vleet’s shoulders in this series and the rest of the offense falls mostly on Anunoby, Ibaka and Gasol and that’s an uphill battle against Boston. Knowing the Celtics they’re more pissed off about letting Game 3 slip than they are dwelling over losing on a buzzer beater – they know they’re the better team in this series. Tatum and Brown switched on Van Vleet and Lowry is a big size disadvantage for Toronto. Kemba, Tatum and Brown can all take over offensively and Toronto doesn’t have that 3rd guy they can rely on. I think Toronto fights today but I liked Boston the second Game 3 was over and I still like them. Boston goes up 3-1.