The Nets as home favorites weren’t good late in the season (2-8 ATS their last 10) and their bench gave up leads in a few games. In the last few weeks they lost to the Hornets by 9 and didn’t put the Pistons away until late and won by 7 with Durant scoring 41. A rematch from 4 days ago that the Nets did pull away late and win by 11 but it was also Evan Mobley’s first game back in almost two weeks and a few defensive adjustments playing the same team in a short timespan could help. The Nets will go on their runs with Durant and Kyrie but the Nets defense and bench should give the Cavs a chance to be in a single digit game in the 4th quarter and Garland is probably going to score more than he normally does in a 1 game playoff atmosphere and the Cavs can get 15+ from Mobley, LeVert and Markkannen.