Knicks +7.5 at Memphis – 2 units    (10/19)

7.5 available at a few books. Others 7, some 6.5. I like it down to +6 for the same amount. 

Update: this line’s moved to +6.5 across the board since 


The Grizzlies without Jaren Jackson to start the season will take a step back and their bench is going to have a dropoff losing De’Anthony Melton and Kyle Anderson. Because they are the Knicks and especially because they missed out on Donovan Mitchell the Knicks aren’t taken seriously but they will be competitive this season. Jalen Brunson is the first legitimate point guard they’ve had in years and was the second best player on the Mavs last season when they went to the Conference Finals. He also changes the dynamic of the offense and gets the ball out of Randle’s hands which helps the Knicks in more ways than one. This wasn’t true last year but this year the Knicks bench is better than the Grizzlies – Quickley, Obi Toppin, Grimes, McBride, Rose, Hartenstein and Sims are a deep bench. And they still have Cam Reddish. The Grizzlies are overvalued because of how good they were ATS last season and the Knicks undervalued for the opposite reason. Jaren Jackson is the Grizzlies best defender and also effects the offense because he can shoot from three. Adams and Clarke can’t, so the Grizzlies spacing on offense will be effected and big guys like Mitchell Robinson can drop in the paint to defend Ja Morant’s drives. The Grizzlies were down 18 in the first quarter to the Magic last night in their dress rehearsal game with the starters playing and they had 27 turnovers last week. RJ Barrett and Brunson are going to be really good on both sides of the ball and lobs to Mitch will be there with Jaren Jackson out. This should be a competitive game.