Week 9 NFL on The Spread Investor

Spread Investor run: 9-1 ATS the last 2 weeks.

1-0 ATS Week 9 so far (Bengals -12 won by 21 Thursday night)

3-1 ATS Week 8

5-0 ATS Week 7


Week 8: 3-1

Kansas City – 3 WINNER (KC won by 35. Who the hell else recommended a play on the 2-5 Chiefs?)

New England -2.5 & Seattle PK teaser – WINNER (NE won by 29)

St. Louis -1.5 & New England -2.5 teaser- WINNER (Rams won by 21)

Seattle -5 – LOSS

New Orleans -3 – PUSH


Week 7 : 5-0

Rams -7 – WINNER (Rams won by 18)

Panthers-3 – WINNER (Panthers won by 11)

Jets +8.5 – WINNER

Seattle PK & Arizona -2.5 teaser – WINNER

St. Louis & Arizona teaser – WINNER


Thursday night we predicted Cincinnati would beat Cleveland 30-13….They won 31-10. 

Cincinnati destroyed Johnny Manziel last year 30-0 and held him to 80 yards with 0 TD & 2 INT. He looked awful. People are saying Manziel is a much better QB this year. Really? What are they judging that off of – his 28-14 win over the Titans? Fact-check: the Titans are 1-6 and are terrible. Watch the scoreboard light up for Cincinnati. 30-13 Cincy wins this one.”

Cincinnati won 31-10??



Sunday we have:

  1. 10 unit play on OAK@PIT, 1PM

A 10 unit play is our strongest play. This is the filet mignon of our plays. This is the first time we are playing a 10 unit game this season.

I absolutely love calling the shots on the big game….this one’s big.


2. Two 5 unit two team-teasers – all kickoff @ 1PM

7-1 on two-team teasers this season. Whole lotta strategy involved in TSI’s teasers. 


“Making NFL picks by yourself without doing research is like driving a car without side-view mirrors – you’ll be able to drive fine for a little while but sooner or later you’re going to get blind-sided and you’re going to crash. “



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