Huge 7 unit winner on the Bills Thursday Night over the Jets!

Now a 13-4-1 ATS run since Week 7!

Now 13-6-1 this season in primetime this season!

“Me & my team absolutely love calling the shots for the big games.” 

31-19-2 ATS this season for +44 units! (each game is rated from 1-10 units).




Here is what we said about Thursday Night’s winner:

The Bills will win this game tonight and send Rex home with a victory.

I’m not buying for one second that Rex Ryan is more fired up about the Patriots than he is the Jets. If you believe that then you’ll believe anything. The Jets organization absolutely screwed Rex last season by not giving him enough talent on both sides of the ball and then he gets sent out of town only to watch the Jets give Todd Bowles a sh*%load of talent. This game means something to Rex and he’s out to make a statement.

Rex Ryan knows these Jets players better than they know themselves. He knows every strength, weakness & tendency of these players. He knows how to attack this Jets O-line with his ridiculous pass-rush. Fitzpatrick has a career 48% completion percentage versus Rex Ryan’s defenses in 9 career games….Fitz is going to struggle to move the ball tonight especially with Ivory struggling big time running for just 84 yards on 55 carries the last 3 games. The Jets are banged up and it’s bad. The secondary is a mess with Cromartie out. Oh there’s beef between Calvin Pryor and Rex Ryan this week? Guess what – Calvin Pryor’s not even playing. Squash that.

“The Jets have a chip on their shoulder after Rex made Ik Enemkpali the captain for today’s game!”

– Joey Public

…..right because the Jets will rally around the fact that Enemkpali disrespected Geno Smith, their BACKUP quarterback. That storyline’s a joke and you want to know why? Because Rex Ryan made Richie Incognito the captain versus the Dolphins last week….but the media doesn’t blow that up because Miami’s market is way smaller than New York’s. Guess what – the Bills smoked the Fins 33-17.

Watch the Bills punch the Jets in the mouth tonight…no pun intended. Bills win 23-16.

Bills won 22-17.




Last Sunday we predicted the Panthers +3 to beat the Packers outrightwanna know how many people predicted that? 75% of Vegas bets for that game were on the Packers. Joey Public loved the Cheeseheads. Not us. 

“Play Carolina big. It is absurd how Green Bay is favored over an undefeated Carolina team and they are getting no respect. They have one of the best defenses in football and Green Bay just got exposed badly last week @ Denver. Green Bay’s s defense just gave up 500 yards to San Diego a few weeks ago and Aaron Rodgers just had 77 yards vs Denver. Josh Norman at cornerback for Carolina is unreal and can seriously limit Randall Cobb. Carolina wins this one outright.”

Carolina dominated all game and picked off Aaron Rodgers to seal the victory, 37-29….and it wasn’t even that close.


“Making NFL picks by yourself without doing professional research is like driving a car without side-view mirrors – you’ll be able to drive fine for a little while but sooner or later you’re going to get blind-sided and you’re going to crash. “




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