The Skins are in the better spot to win this game and I like the revenge factor that they have going for them. I have a few injury concerns about them though when I think about putting hard-earned money down on them tonight. If you have a strong feel on the Skins, don’t let me dissuade you. It’s just that Chris Thompson was a big part of this offense and he got hurt only a week and a half ago, so I have yet to see how this offense operates vs a team not named the Giants.

The Skins defense should be able to shutdown the Cowboys offense as Dak and the passing game clearly haven’t been able to pick up the slack for Zeke. It will take a monumental change on offense for the Cowboys to even compete.

Getting back to Thompson, he was Cousins’ go-to guy. Samaje Perine filled in really nicely for him and had 100 yards vs the Giants and 117 yards vs the Saints. Can he replicate it? Honestly, I don’t know. The Giants suck, the Saints didn’t play great that game, and the Redskins are playing a 3rd string center. The Cowboys defense is terrible without Sean Lee but I would be speculating more than having a strong conviction if I said “I think Perine will perform well again.” I just don’t have the sample size to say it with confidence.

LT Trent Williams is also likely a game-time decision for the Skins and there are rumors he may have to be shutdown and have knee surgery.


The positives for the Skins? Well, there’s certainly a few. Kirk Cousins has been amazing despite some of the big injuries before Chris Thompson going down, so maybe he can overcome another one. Cousins has a 9:1 TD:INT ratio on the road this season and has a 6:0 TD:INT ratio in 2 games at Dallas (1-1 record). It is very possible that Cousins lights it up again tonight as the Cowboys defense has sucked and let the Chargers, Falcons, and Eagles throw all over them. This is also a revenge spot for the Skins from a few weeks ago and if I was betting I would certainly like having that angle on my side.

Don’t let me dissuade you from a Skins play if that’s where your money is leaning – there are definitely reasons to side with the Skins and the Cowboys will have to have a complete transformation on offense in order to compete.

I’m being selective, I know. I just want to see how the Skins look again without Chris Thompson. For my pick-em pool I’m rolling with the Skins -1 but I’m keeping my money in my pocket tonight and seeing if I can pick up on anything valuable for the next few weeks.


FYI: 73% of betting tickets are on the Skins and 72% of the overall money handle is on them as well.

Good luck tonight. 72 hours til Sunday.