Jacksonville Jaguars (+160)


Don’t underestimate the ripple effect of replacing professional Florida Bro, Blake Bortles, with a man of the cloth who packs enough heat to assume the nickname ‘Big D*ck’ Nick. This is a Jags team that was a Blake Bortles away from a chance at a Superbowl. Now the defense is talking about how much they believe in Nick Foles, Fournette and this offense plus it will be 98 degrees and humid with a chance of rain. Under-valued vs Over-valued w/ a nice home weather spot all points to a home dog eating.



Green Bay Packers (+3)


As much as I could talk regression indicator’s like the Bears ridiculous interception number (27) in 2018. Or the fact that Mitchell Trubisky is still not a guy that I want with the ball in his hands to win a big primetime division rivalry game. This is a bet on the Aaron Rodger’s who is finally free of the McCarthyism shackles and fresh of a failed beer-chugging incident which surely has created the exact environment conditions for an FU season. Get ahead of the market as perhaps we have forgotten but Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers.