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It should be hard for this kid David Blough to put up 2 scores on the Bears defense early in the game. Blough was the Purdue starter last year and isn’t bad – his deep ball is pretty good and he won some big games at Purdue (beat #3 Ohio St) – but he’s still going against Khalil Mack and the Bears in his first NFL start on national TV. The Bears gave up just 6 points in the first half vs Driskel when they played a few weeks ago and the Lions had only 6 points with 5:55 left in the game. The Bears at halftime gave up 7 to the Giants last week, 10 vs the Rams a few weeks ago, and 7 vs the Chargers. Detroit’s coming off a 19-16 stinker of a loss to the Redskins. Chicago’s defense gave up just 173 yards to Goff and 150 to Daniel Jones. If Blough puts together two scoring drives in this first half of his first career game, props to him. But this is still a very good defense and it should take some time for the game to come to Blough.