1.25 unit 


This will be a dogfight, especially after what happened the last time these two played each other. That was a 21-7 game and a 14-0 game at halftime. Baker threw for just 193 yards on 6.03 yards/attempt. With his starting LT Greg Robinson out now, it’s hard to imagine the Browns moving the ball easily in this game. The Steelers defense will be charged up, no question, and the Browns have struggled on the road this year. Their 3 game win streak has all been at home and the last 3 road games they lost 24-19 at Denver, 27-13 at New England, and 31-3 at San Fran. They averaged 7.3 1st half ppg in those 3 road games. No JuJu for Pittsburgh and Pouncey still suspended, I think this first half ends either at 16 or 17 and it won’t be easy to move the ball.