1.5 unit 

Dallas hit rockbottom and they’re either going to win convincingly tonight or look bad, no in between. The positive for them is that the NFC East sucks, they can still win first place, and the remaining schedule is pretty generous. The Bears offense is averaging 15 ppg the last 6. The Bears struggled to get by the Lions and Giants. The Eagles blew them out. If the Cowboys can’t win tonight then Garrett should be fired in the morning and Jerry Jones should take back what he said about waiting until after the season. This is a game where Jason Garrett will likely not get outcoached for once. The loss to the Bills on Thanksgiving wasn’t overly surprising – the Bills defense is really good, they’re well coached and they have a good run game on offense. The Bears have nothing going on offense and have a QB who’s lost confidence this year. Dallas’s defense hasn’t allowed a QB to throw for more than 220 yards in 7 games. Chicago’s starting RT is out and he’s going against Demarcus Lawrence. There are ways for Dallas to lose this game, but they absolutely shouldn’t. They have more talent, mismatches and the better quarterback. The Bills are better than the Bears by a good margin. The Cowboys are 0-5 SU and 1-4 ATS vs winning teams this season but 6-1 SU and ATS vs teams .500 or below. The Bears at 6-6 are as mediocre as it gets and their defense hasn’t been as good without Akiem Hicks and Danny Trevathan, who are both out tonight. Weather won’t be a factor it’s going to be low 40s with little wind all night. It’s not easy betting on Dallas right now but the Bears have even more issues so I’ll go into this bet fading Trubisky with confidence. 



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