Invest in Winning.

2016 NFL Season Betting guide. written 9/1


  1. NFL Schedule analysis & how to profit (pg. 2)
  2.  The value of key #s in the NFL betting market (pg. 12)
  3. The resume of a good ATS team (pg. 16)
  4. Over/Under win bets (pg. 18)
  5. Super Bowl 51 futures notes (pg. 23)
  6. Keys for all 16 NFC teams (pg. 27)
  7. Adam Gase, QB whisperer (pg. 33)
  8. Tom Brady splits home & road vs Jets (pg. 35)
  9. When in Vegas… (pg. 36)
  10. Turning NFL betting into a stock (pg. 41)
  11. NFL handicapping: the sport within the sport (pg. 45)


You can’t play poker every once in a while then sit down at the table and try to beat Johnny Chan.

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