Chiefs -1 over San Francisco

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2 unit bet    Riding with the Chiefs in this one. The Chiefs defense is getting talked about like San Francisco is just going to move the ball up and down on them at will …

Titans +7 at KC

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1.5 unit    I’m not convinced this is automatically a blowout and Henry gets taken out of the gameplan after KC goes up a few scores. Nobody has stopped Derrick Henry yet and even if …

Chiefs -9 vs Houston

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1 unit *Also bet a KC -3/SEA +10.5 teaser for 1.5 units   Houston stole that game vs Buffalo and that was a game Buffalo lost more than Houston won. Houston went down 16-0 at …

Clemson -2.5 vs Ohio St

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2 units    Wisconsin just showed a few different ways how to beat Ohio State’s defense - Jonathan Taylor just ran all over them in the Big Ten Championship (20 carries/148 yards/1 TD (7.4 ypc) …

WEEK 16: Chiefs -6 at Bears

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1.5 unit Nobody needs to be sold on the Chiefs over the Bears but something that isn't getting talked about enough is how well KC's defense has played over the last month. They've gotten healthier …

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