Betting analysis, trends, and strategies for the 2018 NFL season (30 page PDF)

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Handicappers from OddsShark and VegasInsider are using this during their research. The guide has stats, trends, analysis and strategies that  can be used ALL season.


  1. Analysis of all 32 teams, division by division – all news, injuries as of 9/1
    – Strengths/weaknesses
    – Circled games/when to bet them
    – Overvalued or undervalued ATS?
    – Top ATS trends
    – Schedule notes, situational handicapping
    – Game-film notes
    – Division game trends

2. Future bets: Divisional, Super Bowl, season win O/U
3. Sports betting advice – tips, hacks, strategies
4. Situational handicapping – how to use it to profit
5. Team weaknesses & spotting handicapping mismatches – worst O lines, CB groups, pass rushes, and coverage linebackers

6. Profiting from primetime games
7. Profiting when a dome QB plays on grass
8. Week 1 leans/bets + thoughts & future bets from contributors from OddsShark, CBS, Wager Talk and Vegas Insider

*All opening lines referenced are from CG Technology’s advanced opening lines
*All units mentioned are based on a 1 to 5 unit system
*All opinions are Spread Investor’s unless a contributor is mentioned


The goal of this guide was to condense hours of analytical research, gamefilm, and reports from beat writers into sharp betting information in as few words as possible. This is a “trim the fat” betting guide that cuts to the chase and tells you what information you should know to profit on to start the NFL season. The guide is filled with notes, numbers, and strategies you can and should lean on all season. The best use of this guide is to reference back to it as the weeks go on to identify trends for that given week and to allow some of the strategies and hacks in here become second nature.




plus contributions from:

1. Joe Osborne, OddsShark – @JTFOz
2. Will Brinson, CBS – @Willbrinson
3. Tony Meija, VegasInsider – @TonyMeijaNBA
4. Jon Campbell, OddsShark @JonnyOddsShark
5. Incarcerated Bob @Incarceratedbob
6. Whale Capper @whale_capper
7. Kelly Stewart, Wager Talk – @kellyinvegas
8. Sports Gambling Podcast – @GamblingPodcast
9. Sports Dogma – @SportsDogma
10- Suuma – @Suuma810
11- Sure Bets – @SureBets 2018