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The Suns want to play at a fast pace and said a few times they’ve talked about getting the ball past halfcourt with 20 seconds on the shot clock as often as they can. They’re faster than Milwaukee and want to speed them up. Milwaukee’s default adjustment trailing in series has been to use their size and attack the offensive glass – they did it vs the Nets and did it vs Atlanta. Send everybody to the boards. They want easy second chance points and offensive rebounds that lead to kickout threes. The Suns get smaller with Saric out and his minutes will be filled with a combination of Ayton playing more, more smallball with Torrey Craig, or some minutes from Kaminsky. More Ayton minutes means more offense than normal and Craig and Kaminsky’s minutes mean Milwaukee can get more points in the paint when Ayton’s not playing. Bridges, Crowder and Booker combined for 3-17 from three in Game 1 even though the Suns were hot and looked like they couldn’t play any better. A lot of those shots were good looks too. Even with better Milwaukee defense and Holiday and Tucker guarding Booker and Paul tighter the Suns can hit more shots and they won’t be coming off 5 off days this game.