Grizzlies +2 vs Warriors  – 1 unit        Game 2


Game 1 was impressive for Memphis to even have a chance to win because of the 36 hour turnaround from closing out Minnesota to starting this series. Memphis was also up before Draymond Green got ejected but the big difference in the game was Golden State had 16 offensive rebounds and that’s probably the most correctable thing for Memphis because that’s hard to replicate normally and Memphis has the size to not let that happen again. Bane and Brooks combined for 6 for 23 from the field and Tyus Jones had only 2 points, so better games from them are all possible. Curry/Klay/Poole hit 13 threes on 41% so if Memphis can even keep them at the same shooting clip from three the Grizzlies should have a chance to win just by being more physical and controlling the glass more.