Warriors +150 moneyline  Game 6     1 unit


This will be a tough close out but the Warriors have already won in Boston, closed out a Finals on the road and have given more reasons to trust them between not being careless with turnovers and outplaying the Celtics 3 of the last 4 2nd halves. 94 and 97 points for the Celtics in Games 4 and 5 and the Warriors took their defense to another level those two games and this late in the series probably sustain something close to that for tonight. If the Celtics aren’t scoring easy and are held around 100-103 then it should be hard to build a big enough lead to pull away and if that’s the case the Warriors are going to have opportunities to let their defense and experience take over in the 4th and Steph should be locked in coming off an 0 for 9 three point game.