Iona +9.5 vs UConn


2 units   – Fri 4:30pm ET


Iona’s going to press UConn full court and likely do it from early in the game to not let UConn set the tempo of the game. Iona’s defense is really good and are not the typical midmajor – their talent both from their guards and their two bigs who are both near 7 feet is closer to the talent of a Power 5 than it is a midmajor. They don’t need to press to play well either and they’re a good halfcourt team on both sides of the ball and Walter Clayton Jr. can take over a game and shoots 43% from three. UConn got hot in February but this could be a competitive game playing a style that UConn has rarely faced all season with how much pressure Pitino’s defense puts on a team. Open shots won’t be easy for UConn, the game is a 2 hour drive from Iona’s campus, and Iona has an assistant coach that was on UConn’s staff up until last year. Iona’s 10-3 ATS since February 1st and in the tournament 2 years ago they covered vs Alabama. We likely see Pitino have his team ready to play tough defense for 40 mins and keep this close.