The 76ers are clearly the better team in this series and Embiid makes them even better. Embiid had 3 blocks and altered a lot of shots in Game 3 and the 76ers won by double digits even with the Heat shooting 48.5% from 3. If the 76ers bring their A game, the Heat have no chance. If the Heat bring their A game the 76ers can still win by countering with hot shooting and good ball movement.

Game 4 is all about if the 76ers will be focused like they were in Games 1 & 3 and avoid a letdown like Game 2 was. With the beef these teams have now, I’d imagine Philly brings a killer mentality into tonight. Game 3 was really chippy, lot of shoving. Then, Justise Winslow intentionally stepped on Embiid’s mask on the floor and you have Embiid pissed off now. Simmons’ interviews sounds like he’s ready to step on the gas. Hope nobody gets tossed. Public play but I’m on the 76ers pretty strong here.


76ers -3.5