Ravens -4 vs Chiefs


2.5 units


The Chiefs got the benefit of playing 2 defenses with a lot of injuries and the Bills playing on a short week. The Chiefs offense had problems more than a few times this season and they’re facing the best defense in the NFL this game on the road. Left Guard Joe Thuney is out for the Chiefs and will make it tougher for Isaiah Pacheco and the run game and against the Ravens rush. As good as the Chiefs defense is, the Bills had chances to win that game last week if it weren’t for a drop by Diggs and Josh Allen missing a throw in the end zone. Mark Andrews is back for the Ravens and can help their redzone offense. The Ravens defense is really good defending tight ends so if they make this game difficult on Travis Kelce then Kansas City is going to have to rely on a lot of guys who didn’t prove much this season. The Ravens have been the better team all season and there is a lot of professional money on the Ravens from early in the week. This team won by good margin in a lot of their wins and Lamar Jackson should have good running lanes to control the game on the ground.