49ers -7 -115 vs Lions


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The Lions secondary can be beat and the 49ers can be aggressive down the field in the pass game. Last week the 49ers had to deal with rain in the game vs the Packers, Deebo Samuel getting hurt and overall the team a little rusty after the bye week and a lot of starters sitting. Now they get Deebo with no limitations and a secondary that is 27th in the NFL in pass yards allowed per game and 2nd worst in the NFL in yards per completion. Dan Campbell said this week he knows his defense has to be aggressive and “I’m willing to give up something to try to get something.” If Purdy can pick up where the pressure is coming from, he’s going to have really good opportunities to move the ball. On offense the Lions will be without Guard Jonah Jackson on the offensive line against the 49ers defensive line. The Lions are coming off their first playoff win in decades and spent all week at home in the same city as their fans who were celebrating. For the 49ers, this was a Super Bowl or bust season from the second they lost the NFC Championship last year against the Eagles. The 49ers are more complete and have the playoff experience together and 12 of their 13 wins this season were by 7 points or more.