Nuggets team total Over 114.5  Game 1       2 units

The Lakers gave up 112 in both Game 1s so far and one was with Golden State having a 48 hour turnaround from a Game 7 and the other was vs Memphis who doesn’t have the offense and shooting that the Nuggets have. They gave up 127 and 121 in the two other road games vs the Warriors and 116 on the road in Game 5 at Memphis. The Nuggets scored 125 vs Phoenix in the closeout game on the road and were on fire and scored  118 the game prior and scored 125 in Game 1 vs the Suns also. Michael Malone called for the Nuggets to push the ball a lot vs the Suns because they weren’t that deep and even though the Lakers are deeper than the Suns there are advantages for the Nuggets if they run – they avoid the Lakers halfcourt defense/their strength and AD has to play in transition instead of playing closer to the rim. Malone said this yesterday at his interview at practice: “Well we want to run. We’ve been a very good running team through the regular season and the first 2 rounds. We want to get out and run. Any chance we get we want to push the pace.” Game 1 with the Lakers adjusting to the altitude and the Nuggets trying to take advantage let’s go Over this number.