Duke 1H team total OVER 43 — 1.5 units

vs St John’s, 12 ET 


St. John’s switches everything on defense in man and that’s a death sentence against Duke. St. John’s beat Duke last year when Duke was looking ahead to North Carolina and the Blue Devils should want to open this game up early and throw some haymakers.

Duke in the first half has scored 49 vs Syracuse, 44 at Pitt, 37 vs Virginia, and 46 most recently at Notre Dame.

St. John’s defense just gave up 89 vs Georgetown last week and in other games have given up 80 at Butler and 85 at Georgetown (before OT).

I think this will be a double digit game late in the second half which is why I’m sticking to the first half number (the possibility of Duke running clock when the game is out of hand). This is a high first half number but Duke can top 45 here.