UCF 1H -1 vs Cincinnati — 7pm ET

1 unit play


UCF was winning at Cincinnati for a good portion of the game and held Jarron Cumberland to 3-13 shooting. Those numbers on Cumberland are going to be hard to replicate but UCF should come out looking to swing first and they’ve been a very good 1st half team at home. It doesn’t hurt that it’s their first game home since the Houston win and the crowd will be a little extra riled up for the last home game. This will probably be a close game late and I’m going to stay away from the game spread.


UCF last 5 1st half margins at home:

Up 23 vs SMU, up 7 vs Memphis, up 14 vs S Florida, down 15 vs Houston, and up 12 vs UConn


Cincinnati last 5 1st half road margins:

Down 6 @ SMU, up 3 @ Uconn, down 1 @ Houston, down 6 @ Memphis, and down 10 @ Temple.