PDF has:

  • Bracket with notes on every game in bullet points that shows strengths, weaknesses and anything relevant (injuries, situations, history) for each game


  • Games highlighted on the bracket where there are mismatches (e.g/ bad 3p defense vs good shooting team)


  • Breakdowns/previews on every game and team in the tournament


  • The most relevant stats, trends and angles from our perspective – best and worst teams in a bunch of categories, coaching history in the tournament, ATS trends by team, ATS trends by seed, cover margins + more.


Worked with Nick (@TurnstoneCapper) and Aaron Torres (@Aaron_Torres) on a lot of game breakdowns/scouting reports and a group of 5 worked on the stats & trends.


Payment: debit, credit, or Paypal. No Venmo this year.  $15

Questions: email spreadinvestor@gmail.com – subject “CBB”


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