3 unit bet (Saturday 12:15 ET)

James Alberino 


Colorado is big enough to limit Georgetown better than any team they just beat in the Big East and Colorado could beat all of those teams. Georgetown’s at their best when they can use their size and outrebound teams – they outrebounded Marquette by 14 in the Big East tournament, outrebounded Creighton by 16, and Villanova by 1. When Georgetown lost to Uconn on March 6th they got outrebounded by 12 and Uconn won the game by 16. Uconn beat them by 13 a few weeks before that too. Colorado just outrebounded USC who’s one of the biggest teams in the country. Colorado’s also really good defensively and Georgetown’s 303rd in the country in turnovers/game. The Big East wasn’t good this year and Georgetown struggled for most of it. Georgetown’s on such an emotional high because they’ve never had success like this and they just were on a big stage and Colorado’s coming in with a bunch of seniors off a loss in the Pac 12 finals. Colorado won 6 straight games before the Pac 12 championship loss and they won 13 games in the Pac 12 regular season since January 1st – 11 of those were by more than 6. Georgetown lost 12 games this year and 10 of those were by more than 6. Colorado also hits their free throws – they’re 2nd in the country at 82% so if this happens to be close that’ll help, but Georgetown’s the trendy dog that can have a slow start to this game because of the Big East tournament hangover. Colorado can win by double digits.