Nick Greely 


75-41 (64%) +53.24 units  College bball 20-21




  • Boston College – Boston College lost a lot of their main production from last season and didn’t really add much. The Eagles fired their head coach and being under new leadership with a new core of guys is never an easy task. The addition of Galloway from Charleston and returning player Makai Langford may be the only key pieces to this team. Aside from the starting five, this team is young and there will be growing pains all around.


  • Clemson – This could come as a shock to some, but this team has virtually no talent. The Clemson defense can only take a team so far this year. Without Clyde Trapp and Aamir Simms, I think they are in deep waters. There are no real weapons outside of David Collins. Although they added Naz Bohannon from Youngstown State, I think his transition to the ACC will be rather stressful. There is a short bench with no real threats. Unless one emerges, I think Clemson will have quite a struggle this season.


  • Pittsburgh – I contemplated putting them here because I am a Capel fan. I definitely think they added some nice pieces, but when you lose essential players like Champagnie, Johnson, and Toney, it’s asking for an uphill battle. Last season the Panthers started hot, but then folded in the ACC. I could see this season going in a similar direction, however with a slow start. I think Nike Sibande could have a nice breakout season and be an excellent playmaker, but besides that cannot hold up the rest of the team. I like the transfer of Gueye from Stony Brook. Perhaps Burton amounts to something, but I think there are lots of question marks for this team overall. They may not find their footing until it’s too late.



Big 12


  • Iowa State –  Iowa State has a ton of transfers coming in and a ton of misfits. This team on paper seems feasible, however I don’t see this Iowa State team placing anywhere but last in the Big 12. With a new coach, new players, and a freshman at point guard, this team is in danger. Gabe Kalscheur and Blake Hinson are going to have to be studs for any real hope, and I do not see that being likely. I predict another long season for the Cyclones.


  • Kansas State – I loved to fade these guys last season and look forward to it again this year. They have a powerful, returning core group of players. However even with the addition of Mark Smith from Missouri, I doubt this team amounts to much. They don’t have a great bench. We will likely see little to no scoring unless you bring in the small guard from Little Rock, Mr. Nowell. However, he likely struggles being very undersized in the Big 12. I predict improvement from last year, but still bad.



Big Ten


  • Minnesota – Goodness gracious I am nervous for this team. They lost everyone. Last season, this Gophers team simply couldn’t win on the road and this season I think they are going to struggle to win at home. They had 8 transfers on this team who are all low/mid major guys, so the move to Power 5 competition could show difficulty. This could be the worst Power 5 team in the country, and it wouldn’t shock me if they are.


  • Nebraska – I keep reading that the addition of Alonzo Verge is going to change the whole dynamic of the Huskers team. I hate to say it, but I think it could in fact hurt them. Although his light will be ultra green, I don’t think that is the answer for success. This team does have talent, but being undersized in the Big Ten is a major setback. I think Nebraska could see improvement in the next few years, but this is not their year.



PAC 12


  • California – Yikes. When you think of California basketball, you think of Matt Bradley. He is now gone. This team is going to struggle on both sides of the ball. I think the one bright spot for this team is in their forwards: Andre Kelly and Grant Anticevich. Nonetheless, it’s going to be a tough year for the Bears to come close to the .500 mark.


  • Utah – Another case of losing a lot and not adding much. Washington was close to replacing them on this list and should be considered on this list. Utah is slightly more in a dangerous spot. I do like the fact they added Craig Smith as their head coach, but this year should be quite challenging for the Utes. I like the addition of Rollie Worster and Marco Anthony with him, but outside of those two guys, and maybe David Jenkins, there’s not a lot to be excited about with this Utah team.




  • Georgia – Oh boy Tom Crean. First off, I do love the fact they added an absolute winner; Aaron Cook from Gonzaga. Unfortunately for him, he should get used to losing rather quickly at Georgia. They lost everyone from last year’s team and added a lot of mediocre guys with no impressive stats. Their bench is short and quite young. As hard as the last few years have been for the Bulldogs, this year may top them all.


  • Missouri – On paper this team looks like a lot of average players at a high major. Missouri added 2 guards who averaged double digits while playing at low majors:  Jarron Coleman and Amari Davis. The addition of Gordon from KSU seems like average Power 5 players until proven otherwise. Missouri will have to focus on playing hard, gritty defense to see positive results. I don’t see their offense performing at a high level either.