Arkansas +10 vs Gonzaga – 2 units

Memphis gave Gonzaga one of their toughest games of the year and Memphis was up 41-31 at halftime. 10 point favorites in that game and they trailed for a good portion of it right after Georgia State played a close 1st half vs them. Timme and Nembhard are going to score a lot but outside of Bolton playing well on offense Strawther is 0 for 9 from three in the tournament and Chet is 1 for 14 from three the last 5 games. Chet’s been having a bigger impact defensively. I think Gonzaga’s offense was better last year with Suggs, Kispert and Ayayi and vs good defenses can be a little more reliant on Timme and Nembhard. Hickman off the bench for the Zags didn’t score in 5 of his last 7 games and they’ve been playing mostly a 7 man rotation. Arkansas is going to make this a defensive game and be physical. Wins over Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky and only 1 double digit loss since January 1st. They’re obviously not close to the same shooting team that Gonzaga is but Arkansas’s one of the best teams in the country at getting to the line – 25 free throws each in both tournament games and hit 84% of them. If they’re getting to the line a lot that slows the game down and lets Arkansas setup their defense/limits some of Gonzaga’s transition chances. Memphis was able to get a lot of good shots in transition vs Gonzaga and also a lot in halfcourt. Musselman should have a good gameplan and Notae, Umude, Toney, Wade, Jaylin Williams and Davonte Davis are all playing pretty well and can give Arkansas a chance to be competitive and cover.