Fantasy breakdown: players 1-10

Rankings are based off of ESPN’s PPR rankings as of 8/13/17
  • Players in bold have good draft value (IMO)
  • Players in italics are either overvalued or have too much risk associated for their ADP (average-draft position).
  • Players not in bold or italics are ranked appropriately for their ADP but may not have the upside that players in bold have.

*Updates will be made as the summer goes on.





9. Jordy Nelson
Jordy led the league in TDs last yr w 14. He also had 97 receptions for 1257 yards.  2016 wasn’t an anamoly for Jordy either as he also had 98 receptions for 1519 yards and 13 TDs in 2014. He may lose some redzone targets to Martellus Bennett this season but he has Aaron Rodgers who led the league last season with 40 TDs and Nelson has been a consistent redzone target of his when on the field.


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