Road Warriors – Teams on their 2nd consecutive road game
Syracuse @ Maryland

Tulsa @ San Jose State

Eastern Mich @ Kentucky


Looking Ahead – Teams with a big game on deck

Florida State vs ULM (@ Virginia on deck)
Virginia vs William & Mary ( FSU on deck)
Houston vs Prairie View A&M (Wazzou on deck)
Iowa vs Rutgers (@ Iowa State on deck)
Michigan State vs W.Michigan (Arizona State on deck)

Arizona State vs Sacramento State ( @ Michigan St on deck)

Florida vs Tenn Martin (@ Kentucky on deck)

Kentucky vs E.Michigan ( vs Florida on deck)


Bouncing Back – teams off a loss playing a lesser opponent.

I know this is what you all came for. The famous “list”. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. Teams off a loss from a big conference playing a far inferior opponent have a good track record laying it on those teams in a bounce back game. Sometimes to the tune of putting up 50,60,even 70 points in these spots.

Now, as I always say, I think situations matter… a lot. I also very carefully label “far inferior” opponents. For example… Oregon is off a loss, however Nevada showed it’s very much a decent team. So that’s not an auto play that fits into the situation for a huge bounce back win.


LSU at TEXAS…”Tom Herman as a dog” once more; Herman 8-2 as dog with Horns, 13-2 in role since 2015 with Houston and Texas. Orgeron 2-6 vs. spread last eight reg season vs. non-SEC.


Nonetheless…here’s teams off a loss looking to bounce back. I personally hate everyone of these lines and will be waiting until next week to look to play teams in these spots.

VT -28.5 vs ODU – VT lost outright last year. No thanks

S.Carolina -40 vs C.Southern- Bentley foot injury- no thanks

FSU -21 vs ULM – took A&M in a similar situation last year HEAVY. A&M covered but didnt in the 1h. I cannot trust FSU , my advice here is the over as FSU’s Dis weak and ULM has an experienced QB.

Duke -29.5 vs NC A&T – Duke doesn’t strike me as I team who hammers anyone until I see they can do anything special. They are still finding themselves after losing Daniel Jones.

L’Ville -22.5 vs E.Kentucky – this one is one I hate the 2nd least on the list. L’Ville show signs of improvement. I liked the tempo, and I love the coach. I don’t hate this play.Oregon – 24 vs Nevada- mentioned it before, think Oregon is elite, however Nevada showed me it’s not going to just roll over. Lean the over as Oregon puts up a huge number, but the D still needs work.

Arizona -27 vs N.Arizona- I would lean this one as my favorite. Tate looked like himself. People hate Sumlin. Zona needs to show up in this one.