Knicks team total O105.5 -115    1.5 unit

The Heat won the Bucks series with offense not defense and gave up 117, 114, 138 and 118 in regulation in 4 of the 5 games and the 118 was with Giannis missing 13 free throws. The Knicks have a few matchups in their favor and can target Kevin Love and Strus on switches and the bench can target Duncan Robinson. Bam is the only big that the Heat start so if the Knicks pull him away from the rim on screens there will be more opportunities to score inside and in the Cavs series there was Allen and Mobley defending the paint the majority of the time. If Julius Randle’s not 100% Obi Toppin’s filled in great for him every time and the Knicks run a lot when he plays. Quickley had 19 in Game 5 after not scoring much in the series so he can carry that over. If the Heat go zone at times the Knicks have enough shooters and guys who can score in the middle and Mitch Robinson would have even more opportunities for offensive rebounds. Game 1 more of a feel out game and defense probably takes over later in the series.