Looking at Michigan’s schedule and especially the Wisconsin game, which they had a week to prepare for, Michigan appears to fold at the first sign of adversity. They beat up on bad teams like Middle Tennessee and Rutgers, but teams that swing back like Army and clearly Wisconsin they seem to fold. Now I do not want to pretend Iowa had played the stiffest of competition either, being their toughest test a win vs Iowa State, but I have more confidence in this Iowa squads composure than I do in Michigan’s right now. 

   Michigan was VERY lucky to escape the Army game with an overtime win and the Wisconsin game was over fairly quickly. Iowa is quietly averaging a whopping 6.2 yards per play almost a full yard more than Michigan averages. Iowa is averaging a TOP of 36:07 this season they are doing this with a strong rushing game averaging 5.2 yards per rush. I really view this Michigan team as having a “Bully Mentality”. I think this team is built to whoop up on bad teams but not built to put away good teams, or teams with little quit. 

   This is not your father’s Iowa offense as it boasts some real firepower and will present a stiff challenge for Michigan. What does remain constant with this Iowa team is their commitment to a strong defense. Currently allowing the nations 4th lowest opponents points per game, and it has not come against the best offenses but after watching Michigan this season, I really do not consider them to be a dynamic offense. I also have not seen the jump from Shea Patterson in this offense that I thought would suit his style well, just has not been much of an improvement and this Michigan offense remains stagnant. I like Iowa to control the game on the ground and make enough plays to keep this game within a field goal, perhaps stealing this one outright one the road.

The Pick

Iowa +5*

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2019 NCAAF: 17-8 +9.57

* Released on Twitter 9/30