Packers 24 (-5), Panthers 16

First Quarter

After punts by both teams, the Panthers got things rolling on their 2nd drive of the game with a 38 yard pass to DJ Moore to the GB 15 after starting the ball with good field position near midfield. After two plays to McCaffrey, Kyle Allen found Curtis Samuel for a 2 yard TD. 7-0 Panthers. GB responds with their 2nd drive that saw a 20 yard DPI call followed by three 10+ yard receptions to set Aaron Jones up for a 5 yard score. 7-7 game. Carolina gets the ball back and marches down the field to the GB 29 to set up a FG to take the lead 10-7.

Second Quarter

Carolina forces a GB punt to start with great field position, but Kyle Allen mishandles the snap at the GB 46 and the Pack take over. After a deep ball to Adams for 37 yards, the Packers saw Aaron Jones take the ball in for a 1 yard score to go up 14-10. Carolina then moves the ball to the GB 41 but Kyle Allen gets sacked and takes them out of potential FG range, punting the ball and pinning GB at their own 10. The Packers get bailed out on 3rd and long by a soft roughing the passer call before moving down the field and going for it on 1st and goal from 1 with 2 seconds left, getting stuffed. At halftime GB led 14-10.

Third Quarter

Packers come out of the quarter with explosive plays: 16 yard pass, 38 yard pass, 28 yard run, 12 yard pass, 13 yard TD run by Aaron Jones. They go up 21-10 when Carolina responds by marching right down the field to the GB 11, but Kyle Allen throws an interception and the Panthers leave points on the board. The Packers then moved down the field to the Carolina 29 and Crosby hits a FG to go up 24-10 at the end of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Kyle Allen responds with a great drive, finding McCaffrey for 9 yards, Olsen for 15, Samuel for 15, and Wright for 21, before McCaffrey finished the job by taking it in for 6. Carolina doesn’t get the 2 point conversion but they cut the lead to 24-16. The Packers punted their next two drives which gave Kyle Allen one final chance to drive in the snow with 2:25 remaining. He led the Panthers down the field with some gutsy throws as he got to the GB 25 on a critical 4th and 10. Allen finds DJ Moore for a first down as the Panthers march to the GB 2 with 8 seconds remaining. They try a throw that falls incomplete before McCaffrey gets stuffed at the one inch line. GB takes it 24-16

• Panthers 401 yards vs Packers 388 yards
• Panthers 5.8 YPP vs Packers 6.7 YPP
• Kyle Allen 28/43 for 307 yards 1 TD, 2 turnovers, 7.1 YPA
• Aaron Rodgers 17/29 for 233 yards, 0 TDs, 8.0 YPA
• McCaffrey 20 carries for 108 yards, 1 TD
• Aaron Jones 13 carries for 93 yards, 3 TDs
• DJ Moore 9 catches on 11 targets, 120 yards
• Greg Olsen 8 catches on 10 targets, 98 yards
• Adams 7 catches on 10 targets, 118 yards
• Panthers 2 turnovers on GB side of field

Matt’s takeaway: The Packers can be had on defense. The Panthers left points on the board with 3 turnovers in GB territory (fumble, red zone INT, turnover on downs at the GB 1). McCaffrey ran for 100+ so the GB run defense continues to be subpar, but Carolina’s run defense is also clearly lacking. Rodgers wasn’t exactly that great in this one but Adams clearly makes a difference in that offense. Allen had some good drives and I think there’s reasons to be high on the Panthers offense moving forward.