Divisional Weekend ’16 – Seahawks @ Panthers -1.5. The public loved the Seahawks for some reason but the Panthers were clearly the right side:


To sum up the full analysis on Carolina: 

  • Seahawks are 26th worst in the NFL at covering tight ends as Greg Olsen had 7 catches for 131 yards in the last matchup. The Panthers can exploit this. Greg Olsen had 6 catches for 77 yards & 1 TD.

  • Carolina can win at the line of scrimmage: Seahawks have the 28th worst sack percentage in the NFL and the Panthers have one of the best front 7s in the league. Russel Wilson was pressured all day and threw a pick 6 with pressure on him, making this a 14-0 Panthers lead.

  • Seattle’s wins lately (especially over Minnesota and a complacent Cardinals) have overvalued them on the pointspread.

  • Seattle is starting this game at 10 AM Seattle time and is flying cross-country for their 3rd road game in a row. Fatigue and jetlag have them at a disadvantage.