Vikings -1 vs Chargers

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The Chargers defense just let Ryan Tannehill have a big game and beat them in overtime and the pressure on this team and Brandon Staley is high after more bad coaching and a slow start after the lead they blew in the playoffs to the Jaguars. Austin Ekeler called out the Chargers coaching last week and with him out hurt last week the run game had only 2.9 yards/carry and they don’t have a RB to replace what he does in the pass game. He’s out again this week and so is LB Eric Kendricks. Joey Bosa’s also not 100%.  The Vikings have 7 turnovers in 2 games and lost both by 1 score – if they can clean up the turnovers Cousins just threw for 364 yards and 4 TDs vs the Eagles and Justin Jefferson had 159 yards. The Vikings get their starting left tackle back and their Center might be back as well. Back to back road games for the Chargers and the Vikings have 3 extra days to prep.