5 unit teaser for Week 8 as we go for our 5th teaser winner in a row.

Tonight’s teaser involves the MIA-NE game tonight + my favorite other play from Sunday.

5-1 this season with teasers.


#1 – 5 unit DEN & SD, WK 4 – WINNER

#2 – 5 unit GB & ARI, WK 4 – LOSS

#3 – 3 unit NYG & NE, WK 5 – WINNER

#4 – 3 unit NE & GB, WK 6 – WINNER

#5 – 7 unit ARI & SEA, WK 7 – WINNER

#6 – 5 unit STL & ARI , WK 7 – WINNER



Here’s the deal: $29.99 gets you the teaser this week. If the teaser loses you get the next teaser we release for FREE.

(When you purchase the play your email goes into our database and you will be emailed the next play for free.)


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