While you’re all getting ZERO work done on this Friday and waiting for 2 O’clock I figured I’d give you a quick read on some other things I’m adding to the site this season (I could also use a swift break from the gun control and #alllivesmatter stories all week).

On top of the articles I’m going to post all summer giving tidbits and following training camp, the new features include:

  1. Survivor Pool picks & advice (posted weekly) – my best friend was in a Survivor pool last year with about 1,200 guys and there was a game in Week 2 that over half of the guys picked – the Saints (who were -10 vs the Bucs in Jameis Winston’s second start). I had already taken the Bucs big at +10 and predicted they’d have a shot to win outright as I knew the Saints were overvalued and the Bucs weren’t as bad as people thought. When the Bucs won 26-19 and wiped out the majority of the pool it hit me that most guys make their Survivor picks based off the biggest spread and rely on that alone. I’ll breakdown my survivor pick with reasoning behind it.

2. Betting recaps (posted weekly) – The final scores of games rarely tell the full story of what actually happened. A lot of people remember the Chiefs-Broncos game in Week 2 on Thursday Night Football – the one where the Chiefs dominated Peyton Manning but they blew a late lead and Jamaal Charles fumbled to end the game 31-24. If you weren’t around to watch that game the final score could suggest that Manning and the Broncos “hung 31 points on the Chiefs” and the Chiefs weren’t very good, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When the Chiefs were 2-5 me & my clients pounced on them because it was obvious they were much better than their record. They ended up beating Detroit 45-10 that day. The goal of my recaps is to give you the “true story” of every game each game so you don’t get swayed by a mirage of a score.

3. Analytics – ESPN and so many other media outlets throw out meaningless stats & trends that can mess with your head and screw up your picks. I will breakdown analytics when I make my picks and will share my insight on this subject from time to time to educate you on which stats & trends are actually important.

4. Daily Fantasy Lineup – Debated holding off on this to not put too much on my plate by studying for both picks AND fantasy (two very different games and I don’t want fantasy eating into my normal routine) but I am more likely than not going to carve out the time and give this out weekly to help out the Fanduel & Draft Kings junkies.

Paid subscribers & clients will be getting an upgrade with these services:

A) One-way text message service each weekNEW!- I will send out mass texts for situations such as a big line movement, last minute advice, in-game plays, and notifications on when my picks are ready. I’m very excited about this as it lets me communicate with my clients at important times and I don’t know a single handicapper that offers this.

B) Personal customer service via email – my email gets flooded during the season but if I can answer 1-2 emails per client each week and help my clients with their personal bankroll then that’s what I will do. I believe in service and building relationships and my goal is to be there when a client needs me.

Cheers to Friday. Exactly 2 months til kickoff.