Taking a look at the matchups for NFL Week 10 here is where the public and “sharps” have their money for Sunday. All betting percentages are from Vegasinsider.com.

The “percentage of tickets” represents the volume of bets in Vegas for a particular game and is an indication of where the general public has their money.

The “money handle” represents the overall amount of dollars being wagered on the game and a better read on where the sharp money is for a particular game.


  1. HOU – JAX: HOU is receiving 64% of tickets but JAX is receiving 60% of the money handle, indicating sharper money is on JAX. Other than Houston being 0-3 on the road this year I can’t think of any reason to say betting on JAX is “sharp.” Sharp money was on JAX in their matchup at TEN a few weeks ago and JAX got crushed. Ugly game to bet.

  2. KC- CAR: CAR is receiving 76% of tickets, KC 56% of the money handle.

3. DEN-NO: NO is receiving 54% of tickets, DEN 69% of the money handle.

4. LA-NYJ: NYJ is receiving 66% of tickets and also 88% of the money handle.

Note: Bryce Petty is starting at QB for the Jets.

5. ATL-PHI: ATL is receiving 87% of tickets, PHI 56% of the money handle.


Knowing where the money is for certain games is definitely valuable but bettors should also be aware that following sharp money is generally more profitable in the long-term over a large sample size of games. Sharp money also differs from sportsbook to sportsbook in some cases so following sharp money solely is not a profitable system. It should be used as part of the process.

Note: Sharp money lost on 5 of 13 Sunday games in Week 9.


6. MIN-WASH: WASH 71% of tickets, MIN 62% of the money handle.

7. GB-TEN: GB 87% of tickets and also 75% of the money handle.

8. CHI-TB: CHI 56% of tickets, TB 68% of money handle

9. MIA-SD: SD 74% of tickets, MIA 70% of money handle

10. SF-ARI: ARI 59% of tickets, SF 88% of money handle. I don’t agree with the 88% at all even with the huge spread.

11. DAL- PIT: DAL 63% of tickets, DAL 69% of money handle

12. SEA-NE: NE 77% of tickets, NE 63% of money handle. CG Technology in Vegas reported they have approximately 10x the amount of money wagered on New England as they do on Seattle. That book needs Seattle to cover badly.

13. CIN-NYG: NYG 54% of tickets, NYG 77% of money handle.



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