It’a an unusual Week 17 with more meaningless games this season than in past years. It’s very rare for the AFC to have all 6 teams clinched coming in to Week 17 and for the NFC to have just one team out of the top 6 (the Redskins) with a realistic shot of getting in to the playoffs. Here’a a quick look at the games that have meaning:


1. Giants @ Redskins -7.5: Giants are locked in to the 5 seed and McAdoo has kept his plan for his starters close to the vest. If the Redskins win, they’re in. Logically the Giants should want to just stay healthy but they’re coming off a Thursday game where they looked awful on offense and McAdoo may want to see some production out of the offense. Who knows how long the Giants will actually play their starters.


2. Packers @ Lions +3.5: Randall Cobb is a game-time decision for the Pack and the Lions will likely get Darius Slay back. It’s hard to make a case against the Packers in this spot with how strong Rodgers’ has been but the game may come down to how well the Packers’ secondary can play versus Stafford if the Lions get back to their short passing game and controlling the clock. If the Lions even want a chance in this game they need to do it by keeping the ball away from Rodgers and consistently completing short passes.


3. The Chiefs are -4.5 over the Chargers in San Diego. This is likely the Chargers’ last game in San Diego for good and Melvin Gordon is out. The Chiefs are the 5 seed right now and can advance to the 2 seed if Oakland loses @ Denver. Oakland plays at the same time as Kansas City so who knows if Andy Reid will rest some starters if he looks up and the Raiders happen to be beating Denver.


4. The Falcons are -7.5 vs the Saints. Tough game to bet the spread – the Saints are still playing hard and will want to play spoiler but the Falcons offense seems to be able to score on anyone.


A lot of people say to stay away from Week 17 automatically. I personally don’t think that’s true every year and last year me and my subscribers went 4-1 for +17 units but the situations for teams were so much more betting friendly. This year I think it’s very tough and would recommend a patient approach to the playoffs.